Diving ElvisElvis Found Under Water!

BIG PINE KEY, Fla. - He wasn't wearing blue suede fins, but an Elvis was among the snorkelers and divers who swam in the Underwater Music Festival.

Neil Goldberg, of Key West, costumed in a white-caped jumpsuit and flashy gold chains, joined several hundred visitors and residents who took the plunge for the six-hour weekend radio broadcast piped underwater at Looe Key Reef.

"We even had a Chihuahua in goggles and a swim vest on one of the dive boats," said festival founder Bill Becker.

Other participants dressed as a mermaid with a blue and purple tail and a hot-pink angelfish with gauzy fins, while an underwater band pretended to play instruments sculpted to resemble deep-sea creatures.

The broadcast featured melodies ranging from Jimmy Buffett's "Fins" and the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" to classic Presley hits. The songs were mixed with public service announcements promoting reef preservation and warning the divers to avoid touching the coral.

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